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Friday, July 1, 2011

Upcoming holiday and a gain

So as promised I weighed myself this morning and I gained 3 lbs.  The good news to that is even though I gained my clothes, in particular my swimsuit, are fitting different looser I think.  My swimsuit is almost too big and and I just bought it 3 wks ago!!  I have to share my feel good moment of the week so far.  Wednesday morning as I was getting ready to head to SD my 12 yr old daughter comes up to me and says "Hey Mom, your tummy is getting smaller"  That one comment made my week!!  I am happy that somebody can see a difference especially since I am really bummed about the whole weight gain this week!! 

I am looking forward to spending the Fourth of July with my family at the lake.  The hard part is going to be keeping what I eat in check.  I am going to go with something I seen on someone else's blog-I will allow myself one bite of anything so that I do not feel deprived.  I bought watermelon, cantaloupe, & honeydew today and will be cutting that up and taking it with me so that I have at least one healthy snack!!  However I am sure I will still have to roast and eat at least one Marshmallow!!!  Don't want the rest of the smore just the burnt marshmallow!!! 

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and stay safe!!!

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