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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another weigh in is coming close!!

First of all I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for how I ate yesterday!!! I ended the day at about 300 calories over my limit but that was before I logged any exercise  and we were at the lake so I got lots of that in.  Spent this evening watching the sky wondering who made mother nature mad.  Luckily we made it thru the storm with no damage but for awhile I thought we were in big trouble!!  Watching clouds swirl above your head is definately not a comforting sight!! 

I overcame a small part of my demons today by actually admitting what some of my demons were.  I know this will sound crazy but I feel like a huge weight was lifted and I have yet to actually admit them outloud only in my head.  I feel as if I actually deserve to succeed at this goal and lose my weight!!  This is a huge break thru for me!!  I have always thought I didn't deserve to be a healthy thin person!! 

I am a little nervous for Thursday's weigh in but I really think it will be ok!!  I have been watching my calorie intake and keeping up with exercising and actually started doing some sit ups and push ups at home on my off aerobic days.  Let's just say my daughters sat in awe as I did 50 crunches on my exercise ball and then did 50 sit ups with it as well!!  I felt good afterwards even if it was only 50 of each.  That's a lot for this fat girl!!!!!!  It is a start and soon I hope to add some exercises with resistance bands to the off days.   I have to remember one step at a time one pound at a time!!!!!

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