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Saturday, July 16, 2011

New God Daughter

I am so excited.  My Hubby and I were asked to be our new nieces godparents.  She is absolutely beautiful in pictures and I cannot wait to see her & hold her.  The bad part is now I have to go shopping and I hate shopping for me for dress clothes!!  I love that I get to go shopping for her!!  She is just one more thing to keep me motivated.  Baptism is July 31 and I would love to have lost my first 20 lbs by then!!  Only about 3 lbs to go so I think it is completely doable!!

I have started pilates videos at home and I am fairly certain they are gonna be the death of me!!  But I will keep doing it because I can see results.  Also am loving the Walk Away the Pounds vidoes as well.  And am still doing my water aerobics!!!  Just wish I could figure out why I am so tired after exercising I thought it was supposed to give you energy??

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