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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

About to give up!!!

I am trying hard not to but I just want to give up on this journey.  I am just getting so frustrated with everything(see previous post) and I just don't know if I have the fight left to climb this Mountain!!!  So many things working against me and my emotions are taking over.  I know deep down I don't want to give up but part of me says why change the way everyone thinks of me.  I mean I have been Lardo for 30+ yrs why change it now?????? 

So tonite I am at a crossroads in this journey and hope that my mind will clear and I will see the path to continue on.  All I am asking is to keep me in your thoughts and hope things settle down and I find my way cuz right now I am in some pretty heavy fog and losing my way!!!


  1. hey April, i can relate to you about how things are starting to get hard, i myself have been big for about my hole life, and i want to change that so badly, but i've also come to a rough spot in my journey and i feel like it's just to hard to continue on, but me and you just need to keep thinking about how far we've come so far and how good it feels to keep seeing those numbers on the scale going down each time, when we get into this rough spot we just need to push ourselves harder and in the future we'll be so greatfull that we made ourselves do it, i'm not great on motivational words and everything but me and you are on the same boat and times are hard for women like us, but theres still hope as long as we have support in this, think of all the people you have helping you out and who stay by your side and who will still be there in the end, i myself have started loosing weight in april and i started at 296 and i to just last tuesday i have gotten down to 255, i've lost 41 pounds, that's what really keeps me going is those numbers i wanna keep adding to the 41 and keep subtracting to the 255 (: haha and i am very proud that you have lost 18 pounds that is AMAZING it feels great, we just have to push through this it gets so hard but as long as we keep trying we can make it (: {Sorry for the overly long message} good luck! i hope you can make it work for you and your not alone!

  2. Thank you so much!!! It helps just to know I am not alone and not crazy for feeling this way. Congratulations on your 41 lb lost!! That is awesome!! Keep it up!!