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Saturday, July 23, 2011

New scale & a shout out!!

I bought a new scale today and it seems to be working great!!  I will be weighing in in the morning so that I have a base number with the new scale.  Hopefully it won't be too ugly tomorrow!! I haven't stepped on it but I did make my kids and it was pretty close to the old scale so hoping it is close to me as well. 

Now the shout out.  If you are looking for an easy way to track calories in & out check out  I absolutely love this website.  If you have a smartphone it also has an app for your phone.  I have a Droid and have the app on my phone and it is soo awesome.  You put in the food and amount it tells you calories you ate.  It sets your calorie goal based on your height weight and goals.  Also will tell you how many calories burned doing your exercise when you enter length and exercise done.  This site also has message boards and ways to track your weight etc.  It is an amazing thing and I highly recommend it!!!  It has helped me so much and I get so much support from the other people on there!!! 

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