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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sooooooooo Proud of Myself!

So I have to take a moment to brag!!  I forgot to take my Phentermine camping with me this weekend and when I realized it Saturday morning my first thought was Oh Shit.  So I think to myself just be careful you can do this and to my surprise I did pretty well.  I kept my eating in check and I didn't touch the Rice Krispy Bars.  When I wanted a snack I just grabbed a small one.  My biggest downfall was that I didn't drink enough water and so came home with ankles that looked like pregnancy kankles.  I am happy to say that after water aerobics this morning they are pretty much back to normal and I am back on my Phentermine and my water intake. I did get some exercise in every day.  It was a walk up to the bathroom. :)  So I am thinking I will be ok when it comes time for weigh-in on Thursday!!!

Today at lunch I came to the realization that it is soo important to put away lunch leftovers!!  I usually don't but today I picked at the leftovers and after the second time it hit me what I was doing and and I promptly threw the rest away!!  I am so happy that I am finally realizing all of this crap and making the changes necessary so that I can finally stay on track with my weight loss! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!! 

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