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Friday, June 17, 2011

Not such a good day!!

Today started out ok, did water aerobics at 7 and came home and saw the hubby off to SD.  Starting feeling like crud though and throughout the day started feeling worse.  Not sure what this crud is I am battling but I think it will end up with another trip to the dr :( I hate the dr and if you know me you know I have to be pretty sick to go in.  My eating has not been great today.  I have not ate a lot but what I did eat was not very healthy.  I have drank way too much pop and not enough water today.  Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up and feel better and can do better with diet and exercise.  I will not give up no matter how crappy I feel!!!  I have a friends wedding coming soon and I will not be this size when she gets married!!!!  Also want a new pair of boots for school this fall but I have told myself I have to be under 300 to get them so I have to keep that scale going down!!! I can do this!!!

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