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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Great day for the most part!!!

Sorry I have been MIA lately been spending time outdoors with my kids!!  Today Sonya and Braedan came out and we let the boys play outside.  We had set up the little pool for them but they wanted no part of that!!  Us mommas we spent a wee bit too much time in the sun and I am now quite sunburnt and so is Sonya!!  Oh well it was worth it!!  I am so thankful she was able to come out so we could spend some time together!!  It had been ages.  Overall things have been going pretty good but I am sooo ready to be off of this stupid prednisone!!!  I hate all the side effects and all I want to do is eat even on my phentermine!!  I am trying to really watch what I eat.  To get thru this phase I have implemented a new rule:  If I want a snack I eat an apple and then if I still need something I will wait 20 minutes before eating it.  So far today I have eaten 4 apples but only 1 cupcake so I guess it is working but I still have a stupid craving that will not go away!!!  Monday can not come soon enough!!!  Unfortunately the hubby just called from work and our truck just got hammered with hail.  He is not happy and that means I will be calling insurance Monday morning.  Truck isn't even 6 months old!!   I haven't seen it yet but I really hope it isn't as bad as I am picturing!!  For tonite I am off to work on some receiving blankets I am making for a friend!!  Fun & relaxing plus my hands will be full so I can't eat anything!!!!

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