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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy weekend

Yesterday was a very busy day with all of the activities of Wright days.  The kids and I walked down to the parade route and enjoyed the parade and then the fun on the go games.  We had fun and my little man was sooo tired by the time we walked home.  Good thing I had taken his stroller with us.  We had a lite lunch he took a nap and we headed down to play at the park. Then a lite supper with friends and letting the kids dance while we visited.  Today was awesome cuz all 3 kids slept till 9:30 which never happens at this house!  It was nice to sleep in but we are definately missing Greg today!  He is in SD and so we do not get to spend Father's day with him :(  Overall though I really do believe I did ok with the diet the last 2 days and I did get in the 2 short walks yesterday.  Tomorrow is water aerobics and I am really looking forward to it.  I am getting into a slump of not seeing a difference but I am working hard to fight thru it!  I really hope I do not sabotage myself for success at this weeks weigh in.  I am nervous about it so a few positive thoughts can't hurt if you can spare them.  Still not feeling the best but I am just trying to stay positive thru it all.  I need to find my motivation again if you find it please return it!!!

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