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Monday, June 27, 2011

Needing a kick in the A**!!!!!

I need a good kick in the ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel like I am failing the last few days.  I seem to be constantly hungry and only want sweets!  I am hoping it will go away now that I am finally finished taking the prednisone but I just don't know :(  I am still doing my water aerobics and trying to eat less but not doing so great with the last part.  I want to lose this weight but seems like I am making myself fail.  Honestly I am scared to be skinny.  I have never been thin in my life!!  Hello I came into this world 10 lbs.  I am scared of losing what I have and scared of what the future will hold.  And unfortunately with that comes me turning to my comfort item: FOOD!!!  If only someone could tell me what I could successfully replace food with.  Tonite watching extreme makeover the woman hit the nail on the head when she said alcoholics and drug addicts have it soo much easier than someone addicted to food.  An alcoholic doesn't NEED alcohol daily they can avoid it, A drug addict doesn't need the drugs daily they can avoid it. Both just want what they are addicted to but those of us addicted to food we can't avoid it.  It is necessary to eat food daily therefore we have to fight our addiction every minute of every day.  This is a fight and hopefully a fight I can win but it is not easy.  My mother in law recently told me this weight didn't all come on over night so it isn't gonna come off over night.  I need to be patient and just work at it.  One day at a time, one pound at a time to a new me!!  If anyone has any advice please I would love to hear it!!!

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  1. First all...LOVE your posts! I read your post about wanting to eat the cinnamon rolls in your kitchen and eating 4 apples and only 1 cupcake and I've got a couple of tips that might help. Rather than write a novel in your comments though, I posted it on my blog.
    BTW, the baby in your picture is stinkin adorable!