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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Biggest challenge of the day

Today I had a super productive day.  I cleaned house, did laundry rearranged my little boys room and made a homemade rhubarb crisp all before 5:00 p.m.  After supper tonite I identified one of my biggest downfalls of weightloss.  I hate to waste food!!! At supper my daughter was full with have of a fajita left and guess who without thinking just started to eat it.  Was I hungry?  Nope just didn't want to waste it.  Then my little boy wanted an apple for a snack he ate about 1/2 of it and was done.  He then handed it to me (he's 2) and I almost ate it!  I did stop myself this time but wow I wonder how often I have been doing this.  I also wonder why do I do this and the only answer I can come up with is because growing up we didn't have food to waste.  We didn't have much money growing up so we wasted nothing no matter what!  I must make myself pay attention to my body and when it is telling me it is hungry!!  So starting today I am going to ask myself if I am really hungry before I eat something and if the kids don't eat something I am giving myself permission to throw it away instead of eat it.  Tomorrow morning bright & early I start water aerobics and then off to a chiropractor appt.  I have had to fight hard not to weigh myself till Thursday but I am very anxious to see if I am actually losing any weight!!! 

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